Planning by Grade

Preparing our students for higher learning is at the heart of our education at SMUS. In Senior School, that process begins early.

Student Advisors

Senior School advisors help our students navigate the sometimes complex route toward graduation and meeting the requirements of the universities of their choice. Grade 9 students have a dedicated grade advisor while students in Grades 10-12 will have one of four academic advisors. Academic advisors are assigned to students during the registration process and should be listed on their individual timetable.

Our advisors also provide a number of other academic supports to our students:

  • helping students plan or alter their timetable;
  • holding grade meetings to discuss topics that are important to that grade;
  • liaising with other teachers; and
  • providing support for students.

Senior School Advisors

Grade 9 Advisor

Aimee Daly | [email protected]

Grade 10-12 Advisors

Timio Colistro | [email protected]
Jim Kingstone | [email protected]
Alison McCallum | [email protected]
Ruth McGhee | [email protected]


The University Counselling office teaches a set of courses focused on life, career and post-secondary planning. The Grade 9 and 10 courses are part of the provincially mandated curriculum and focus on decision-making and life skills in Grade 9, and career planning in Grade 10. The University Counselling office has also developed specialized courses for Grades 11 and 12 that are dedicated to post-secondary planning.

Title Grade
Career Education 9 9
Planning 10 10
Graduation Transitions 11 11
Graduation Transitions 12 12