Post-Secondary Preparation

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Our University Counselling program actively supports the School’s central mission of preparation for higher learning and for life. Through a variety of activities, experiences, and interactions, students have the opportunity to explore the options for their academic choices in high school, post-secondary plans and potential career pathways.

We believe that every student has the skills and ability to chart their own path, with support and guidance from trusted sources. Parents, teachers, and advisors play an essential role in this process and we encourage students to have conversations about their hopes and plans, and to bring new insights to the planning process. Each Grade 10-12 student’s academic advisor also functions as their university counsellor, and stays with the student for as long as they are at the school. We help them through the process of researching, deciding on, and applying to university programs of interest and we support students to take ownership of this process.

96% of our graduates enter a four-year degree program at university or college, at destinations close to Victoria and around the world. In recent years, 15% of our graduates have gone to American colleges, 10% to other international destinations, and 75% have chosen to attend Canadian post-secondary institutions, with the majority of those students selecting universities in Ontario. We support students to apply to any university, in any country.

We encourage students to consider their post-secondary plan as their first step on a career path. Indeed, the economic and technological outlooks tell us that many of the jobs these students will end up in have not yet been created. We talk with students about how they can identify and start to hone the employment skills that will make them valuable employees (such as those identified by the World Economic Forum), both while at the school and at university. We encourage them to seek post-secondary institutions that are a good fit for their individual attributes as a learner, program interests, finances and preferred living environment. We encourage them to select a university where they will thrive as students and as young adults embarking on a new life path.

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School Profile

SMUS School Profile

School Profile

Published: October, 2021

A summary of St. Michaels University School (SMUS) including AP courses and post-secondary acceptances.

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