Supporting Young Learners

Students and teachers know each other well in this small community

Our close-knit community provides the academic and social supports students need to succeed

The transition to a school experience is a significant one for young families. Rest assured that supporting this adjustment is what we do well.

Safety, Care and Management

The school sets very high standards for safety and care of children. This includes the important moments of transition when teachers greet and dismiss children. The campus is gated with a secure front entrance, and we have a member of staff responsible for risk-management. We provide clear routines and guidance for drop-offs and pick-ups, and parents assist us in ensuring these routines are respected. The playground is supervised by teachers and we always have a high ratio of staff to children.

Health and Wellness

Counsellors are available at Junior, Middle and Senior Schools to support students and parents

Your Child's Mental Health

A SMUS counsellor shares tips for helping your child understand how their feelings and behaviours impact their mental health.

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The health and wellness of our students and faculty is a priority. It's important that students have the skills to practice self-care and mindfulness, that they can be resilient during difficult times, and make connections to find support when needed. Although these sound like grown-up concepts, their roots start in Junior School with engaging activities like taking a yoga class or planting a garden.

Social and Emotional Support

The Junior School community is close-knit, and everyone knows each other. This means that teachers can anticipate needs and support students as challenges arise. In addition, a counsellor is available at the school four days a week to promote healthy, positive adjustment for students as they navigate school and family life in their early years. Our counsellor is also actively involved in classes to equip children with necessary tools for their social and emotional learning. They provide support for parents too, with regular open-invite coffee mornings on a variety of topics.

Academic Support

There are many layers of support in place if a student needs additional help. This starts in the classroom where there are often additional teachers, allowing each student to be known and supported as individual learners. When and if more targeted instruction is needed, associate teachers work one-on-one with students and in small groups to meet their needs. We also have a Learning Support team that works with individual students and small groups of students to provide additional support as needed. A reading tutor is on staff to provide targeted support in reading.

Virtual Open Houses

Join us at one of our open houses to learn more about Boarding, our Junior, Middle and Senior schools.

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