Parent Involvement

A student reads with her mother

At SMUS, student success is supported through a partnership between parents and teachers

Children are always learning. That's why our teachers build close relationships with parents to ensure that we work together. We want the same things you do for your child: for them to learn and love learning, to excel, and to grow into wonderful people. We, as teachers, and you, as parents, are partners together in helping your child achieve this.

Working together with parents

The first teachers in a child's life are their families. You play a vital role in your child's success. We want you to be engaged in your child's learning and school life because we share your goals for them: to grow, to learn, and to develop a sense of well-being. Research shows that students achieve more academically when their families are engaged with them at school.

Effective communication between home and school is essential for your child’s success. We provide and maintain ongoing, regular communication about your child's progress and learning through formal meetings and conferences, report cards and portfolios. Teachers and directors are always willing to meet with you to ensure open and continuous dialogue.

Parent Community

Our school really is a family, and our parent community plays a big role in the joy and success of the school. Parents and grandparents are invited to our many community events throughout the year. There are many opportunities to get involved, including volunteering in the library, coordinating our hot lunch days, helping with costumes, props and sets for our productions, attending field trips, and joining our school Welcome Committee.

Grade 5 teacher Matt Keil talks about the SMUS communityThe staff and the students create this culture that your child belongs here. That sense of belonging is passed on from one person to another. Everyone feels loved because you're part of this community.
Mr. Matt Keil, Grade 5 teacher

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