Leadership and Service

Students participate in the annual Remembrance Day ceremony

Character education focuses on helping students see the impact they can have on their community and the world

What you stand for matters, making character education as important as academics at SMUS. The most important expression of character education at the Junior School is The Virtues Project, which is about building skills for life and supporting good behaviour at school. Examples of virtues include honesty, perseverance, compassion and empathy.

The school community works on a virtue each month to reflect and act upon a different virtue, and how it impacts others. The virtues bring out the best in each child and help them understand how to live a life guided by good character traits. 


We start to foster the skills that lay the foundation for being a good leader in Kindergarten. At SMUS, we know that students of any age can play a leadership role at our school and in our community. That's why it's important that we help all students understand how to use teamwork, support and encouragement effectively.

The leadership program culminates in Grade 5 when students take on roles at the school, including becoming student ambassadors. One of our favourite leadership opportunities is the buddy program, where older Junior School students are partnered with younger schoolmates to work on projects together.

Daniel speaking at assemblyLeadership is taking charge and acting. It also means thinking of others and not just of yourself, being modest and being a good example or role model. 
Grade 5


Service at the Junior School is about putting virtues into action and showing students that they can impact their community and the world. Students support several service projects each year. For example, every class visits the James Bay Care Home and builds connections with seniors. 


Chapel at SMUS is non-denominational and incorporates faiths and philosophies from many religions and cultures. The focus is on vision and values, rather than a doctrinal approach. Chapel time, held every Monday morning at the Junior School, is usually centred around a story, most often connected to the virtue of that month. Parents are always welcome to attend.

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