Cross-Campus Connections

A Lifer and a Junior School student interact

We host activities throughout the year that connect Junior, Middle and Senior School students to each other

From Kindergarten onward, students build connections with their older schoolmates at the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. While the younger students look up to their peers, older students get to experience being in leadership and role-model positions.

A Senior School student helps a Kindergarten student in a math lesson

Hands-on math learning

Find out how Grade 9 students helped Kindergarten students learn basic math concepts in a hands-on activity at the Senior School campus.

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Connections to Middle and Senior Schools

We host many activities and events that include Middle and Senior School students. This strengthens bonds between students of all ages and ensures connections between all three schools. For example, there are all-school performances, special assemblies and a reading club that partners Junior School with Senior School students.

Students have many opportunities and consistent support to help during the transition from the Junior School to Middle School, and again from the Middle School to Senior School. While the Junior School is located on a different campus, we ensure that students are prepared and supported for the changes and challenges that come with being in a new environment. In Grade 5, students begin visiting the Middle School specifically to help with the transition.

Becoming a Lifer

A Lifer is a student who begins at SMUS in either Kindergarten or Grade 1 and graduates from SMUS in Grade 12. Starting early is the best way to prepare students for the academic, social and developmental experiences that come at Middle School, Senior School and after graduation.

Virtual Open Houses

Join us at one of our open houses to learn more about Boarding, our Junior, Middle and Senior schools.

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Launch Junior School

Take a virtual guided tour of the Junior School.

SMUS Junior School Viewbook coverThe Junior School viewbook provides an overview of the program and the SMUS experience.

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