Arts and Athletics

A student tuning the cello, ready for a performance

Junior School students have access to many arts opportunities - including strings, band and choir


Creativity and self-expression are important skills for children to develop, and there's no better way to grow those skills than through the arts. Students are introduced to a wide range of arts, including music, choir, strings, drama and visual art. Student artwork is honoured and visible in our hallways, foyers and classrooms, and we regularly host concerts and performances. Every year, the Grade 5 classes put on a large performance – either an opera or a musical – at the McPherson Playhouse in downtown Victoria.


SMUS Junior School sports focus on participation, fair play and healthy living
We focus on participation, ensuring all students can develop skills and interests in physical activities

Physical education at the Junior School emphasizes participation, fair play and healthy living. Our goals – through PE class and extracurricular sports and clubs – are to provide a variety of opportunities, create positive athletic experiences, develop a passion for physical activity and prepare students to play sports at the Middle School.

All students have an opportunity to participate, with access to coaching and skill development to support their individual goals. Throughout the school year, sports are offered during PE class and through weekend practices.

Extracurricular Sports

Starting in Grade 3, students can join a variety of extracurricular sports teams and clubs, including

  • Cross-country
  • Basketball
  • Dance
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Squash
  • Track and field

Saturday Sports

Most Saturdays throughout the school year, we host free weekend sports activities for students at our Richmond Road campus where the Middle and Senior Schools are located. These fun sessions allow students to continue to stay active and further develop their skills in sports such as soccer, squash, basketball and volleyball.

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