Specialist Subjects

Students reading and researching in the library

Classes are complemented by dedicated library time where students work on reading, writing and research skills

Our foundational curriculum is enhanced and well resourced through the addition of specialist teachers. With dedicated focus on music, languages, technology, visual arts and physical education, in addition to their core subjects, the children develop skills, knowledge and interests that broaden their understanding in significant ways.

In addition to classes taught by homeroom teachers, students learn from specialist teachers who teach the following subjects.



Arts, in the form of drama, music and visual arts, play an integral role in the Junior School. We focus on instilling a lifelong love of the arts through exposure to a variety of creative opportunities. The arts support learning from other subject areas, as students may sing in different languages in choir, translate ideas from other classes through drawing or clay work, and deepen their public speaking confidence through drama roles. Throughout the school, student art is celebrated and showcased, highlighting the creative talents within all children.

Digital Skills

Technology is introduced gradually, and in a safe and developmentally appropriate way. Students learn about online safety and acquire skills related to using different technologies, including computer programs, coding, Claymation tools, green screens and 3D printers.

Library and Information Literacy

To complement language arts, library and information literacy class is designated time for students to focus on their reading, writing, speaking and research skills. There is a strong correlation between a love of reading and achievement at school, which is why the SMUS Junior School library is the heart of the school.


Students begin learning the French language in Kindergarten. Using story, theatre, drama and music to put the language into context, students learn to speak, write and read French in school. At SMUS, we recognize the value of multilingualism in helping our students become more culturally aware and to have a global outlook.

Students learning experientially in the outdoors
The natural environment is an important classroom at the Junior School

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education provides time for students to develop outdoor skills, gain an appreciation for nature, and learn about First Nations culture and history. When possible, homeroom and specialist teachers use the outdoor environment as a classroom and bring children outdoors to connect classroom learning with the natural world.

Physical Education

We focus on developing our students' enthusiasm, skills, and commitment. We consciously downplay the competitive aspect of sport in these early years to instill in our students a lifelong passion for physical activity before they move on to more competitive opportunities at the Middle and Senior schools.

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