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At SMUS, children's natural curiosity and academic rigour create an engaging learning environment

Reggio-Emilia at SMUS

How you learn matters. That's why we are inspired by the Reggio-Emilia philosophy for early education. It influences how we teach, learn alongside students and even how we design the physical spaces our students spend their days in.

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Curiosity and the joy of learning is at the heart of our academic experience. We encourage students to ask questions, try new things and take ownership over their learning. Our classrooms are not quiet static rooms, but rather dynamic spaces where movement, collaboration and hands-on learning are the norm.

Our exceptional teachers explore foundational and specialist subjects, building on the British Columbia curriculum to offer an enriched experience. We keep our class sizes deliberately small with a ratio of one degreed teacher for every six students.

Instilling a lifelong love of learning is important and professional development is a big part of the teaching culture at SMUS. Our teachers know that the work they do to improve their practice translates back to a better experience for our students.

We place great emphasis on developing critical and creative thinking skills in every grade and at each stage.

Foundational subjects include science, math and language arts

Foundational Subjects

Find out about the core subjects taught by homeroom teachers.

Library time is when students work on reading, writing and research skills

Specialist Subjects

Find out about diverse subjects taught by specialist teachers.

We focus on outcomes rather than grades


Find out how students are evaluated to support their learning.

Virtual Open Houses

Join us at one of our open houses to learn more about Boarding, our Junior, Middle and Senior schools.

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SMUS Junior School Viewbook coverThe Junior School viewbook provides an overview of the program and the SMUS experience.

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