Boarding School at SMUS

Why Boarding School at SMUS?

We asked students and their families why they chose boarding at SMUS. Read what they say are the advantages of a boarding school education with us.
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Your Boarding Room

Your first question about boarding will probably be: where will I live? At SMUS, you'll live in a room with a private bathroom.
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Your Roommate

...And your second question will be: who will I be living with? Having a roommate is your opportunity to make a best friend for life.
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Your House

There are six boarding houses at SMUS, and although they enjoy a friendly rivalry, there is a close connection between all the houses.
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House­parents & Support

The houseparent system at SMUS means there is always someone looking out for you and able to offer help and guidance.
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Evenings & Weekends

Evenings and weekends are a chance to explore new passions and get involved in the community.
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Living in Victoria

Victoria is the perfect city to be a student - safe and friendly but with lots to do.
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Everybody loves good food! SMUS is committed to providing you with a diet that allows you to benefit the most from your education.
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Fees, Cost & Scholarships

If you think boarding school is beyond your financial means - think again! There are a range of ways in which SMUS can make boarding school more affordable.
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Keith Driscoll

Welcome to Boarding School at SMUS

It's my pleasure to introduce you to the boarding program at SMUS for Grades 8 to 12. As a co-educational day and boarding school within an urban setting, we offer a unique opportunity for young people to test their self-reliance in a safe and supportive community. Discover more about the advantages of a boarding school education at SMUS.

If you have any questions at any point, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Keith Driscoll
Director of Residence and Student Life


Next Steps

SMUS Senior School Viewbook

Download Viewbook

The viewbook provides an overview of the SMUS Senior School program including the boarding program and the city of Victoria.

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If you live in North America you can receive a viewbook and other Admissions information in the mail.

Boarding School Admissions Team at SMUS

Ask a Question

We know that boarding school is a big step, so if you have further questions, the Admissions team will be glad to hear from you.