Welcome from Mr. Mark Turner, Head of School

Mark Turner
Mark Turner

From all my enquiries, anecdotal, empirical, and statistical, SMUS is a world-class school built on the solid foundations of its extended community. At the heart of that community are the students, some drawn into boarding from a diverse range of cultures and others who are deeply rooted in Victoria and its environs. The students are inspired by a large, dedicated and highly qualified faculty who over the years have established a reputation for going beyond the call of duty to nurture individual interests and enthusiasm.

The school mission is to aim for the “excellence in all of us.” As anyone who aspires for the highest standards will know, this is no easy task. A starting point is that “you have to be good to be great” but an outstanding education requires a holistic view that provides opportunities for the development of the mind, body, and the soul to enable young people to ask the big questions and really find out who they are.

We believe in both passion – come with a spark of enthusiasm and it will be fanned into a blaze – and compassion – education is a shared experience and we all journey together. Indeed, the school’s commitment to service and leadership has a reach far beyond BC; it is truly international.

Learning should be fun, but it should also be appropriately challenging. Rigor instills resilience, which we are told will be increasingly important as the world becomes more competitive. This should also be the time for reflection; the chance to pause and think and dream.

SMUS students have achieved remarkable success in a broad range of professions. Many report that this is down to quiet inner confidence, the ability to think independently, and a commitment to civilized values.

By providing a vast range of competitive sports, clubs, and activities, we hope to provide something for everyone to find their niche.

We invite you to come and meet us at our beautiful sites on Richmond Road and Victoria Avenue, and to find out first-hand the blend of people, place, tradition and innovation that makes St. Michaels University School such a special place.

Mark Turner




Mark Turner,
Head of School