Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs (M-Z)

Students thrive when they are engaged in meaningful and exciting activities and feel connected to the community. At SMUS, in addition to the strong Academic, Arts, Service and Athletic opportunities, we offer an array of additional experiences that help students grow, develop passions, collaborate with others and get out into the wider community. Each activity will challenge students in a variety of ways, helping them to gain valuable skills and understandings, practice personal and social responsibility, and develop the practices of effective leadership.

It is important to get involved and it is equally important to maintain a balance. So choose wisely! Get involved in those areas that will be fun, develop your strengths or push you in just the right way out of your comfort zone.

To find out more about each of the activities, get in touch with the listed advisor(s). Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs beginning with the letters A-L are on the Activities (A-L) page.

NB: The following is a list of activities, clubs and councils that have been available in the last few years. Contact Mr. Primrose for an up-to-date list.

Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs (M-Z)

Club/Activity Description and Advisor
Magic Circle

We delve deep into the world of Harry Potter while dabbling in fun witchcraft and sorcery activities.

Contact: Mr. Bates

Marine Club

We do monthly beach cleanups and different initiatives to promote marine life and education.

Contact: Mr. Shaw, Ms. Paine

Math Club

Solve problems from math competitions and learn about interesting mathematical concepts.

Contact: TBD


A club for those who share the same interest in healthcare or medicine. We will be exploring topics about health as well as discuss different career paths in the field.

Contact: Mrs. Kuklinski

Model United Nations Club

We practice public discourse and MUN debating skills.

Contact: Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Jones

Piano Club

Piano Club is for people who love music and/or playing the piano. We will have organized recitals every term for anyone who wants to perform.

Contact: Mr. Butterfield

Photo Club

The SMUS Photo Club strives to share our passion for photography with the school community. We organize contests, field trips, and learning seminars.

Contact: Mr. Wong

Politics Club

We discuss current events happening in the world of politics, have lively debates and interesting guest speakers. We also run a SMUS Political Review which features articles from various areas of politics.

Contact: Mrs. Beare

Pride Alliance

Pride Alliance provides a safe space for members and allies of the LGBTQ2IA+ community to meet, and share stories.

Contact: Mrs. Jones, Mr. Lynch

Psychology Club

Psychology Club helps you find out more about why you think the way you do, what motivates you and ways to access your personality traits.

Contact: Mr. Goodman

Reach For The Top

Play Reach for the Top practice quiz show games.

Contact: Mrs. Amirault

Rocket League Club

SMUS Rocket League is here! Bronze, Plat, Champ, or anywhere in between, you are welcome. We will be having league play as well as seasonal tournaments.

Contact: TBD


We create a community around food. We share our love and interest about food with the people around us, by having cooking nights, food games, competitions, potlucks, and a blog/cookbook. We are all about sharing new skills, culture, opinions and traditions and of course... eating!

Contact: Mr. French


SMUStalk is a student-run Ted Talk event with an aim to create a platform where students and guest speakers can share their insights, while fostering a welcoming environment for all to gain inspiration and knowledge.

Contact: Mr. Geddes

Spanish Language and Culture

Spanish Language and Culture club is a place where we gather to celebrate and learn about Hispanic communities around the world.

Contact: Ms. Calderon de la Barca


We create and program small robots with Arduinos.

Contact: Ms. Amirault, Mr. Steed

Technological Alliance

The Technological Alliance creates monthly STEAM related events in the school, open to everyone.

Contact: Ms. Amirault, Mr. Steed

Teens Grow in Faith

We offer an opportunity for those of the Christian faith or anyone interested in matters of faith to meet on a weekly basis to discuss relevant issues, work on community-building and initiate various activities (chapel presentations, movie nights, etc.).

Contact: Mrs. Davel

Voices Club

Voices is a place for those interested in spoken word and creative writing to come together and practice their skills.

Contact: Mr. Dewar

Yearbook Team

The Yearbook team works to build the school yearbook, and capture the essence of SMUS.

Contact: Mrs. Cecill

See the Activities (A-L) page for Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs beginning with the letters A-L.