Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs (A-L)

Students thrive when they are engaged in meaningful and exciting activities and feel connected to the community. At SMUS, in addition to the strong Academic, Arts, Service and Athletic opportunities, we offer an array of additional experiences that help students grow, develop passions, collaborate with others and get out into the wider community. Each activity will challenge students in a variety of ways, helping them to gain valuable skills and understandings, practice personal and social responsibility, and develop the practices of effective leadership.

It is important to get involved and it is equally important to maintain a balance. So choose wisely! Get involved in those areas that will be fun, develop your strengths or push you in just the right way out of your comfort zone.

To find out more about each of the activities, get in touch with the listed advisor(s). Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs beginning with the letters M-Z are on the Activities (M-Z) page.

NB: The following is a list of activities, clubs and councils that have been available in the last few years. Contact Mr. Primrose for an up-to-date list.

Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs (A-L)

Club/Council Description and Advisor
Academic Council

The focus of the Academic Council is to enhance the academic lives of all SMUS students by promoting and responding to academic topics within the school and by supporting Health and Wellness Week through the organization of the Brain Bowl. The Academic Council invites SMUS students to bring suggestions, questions, or comments to the attention of its members.

Contact: Mrs. Kuklinski

Amnesty International

We educate our peers about human rights movements. We take a closer look at injustices in the world and take part in an annual letter writing campaign.

Contact: Mr. Primrose

Arts Council

A council focused on promoting and enriching the arts community at SMUS.

Contact: Mr. Ingimundson, Mr. Butterfield and Mr. Farish

Athletic Statistical Analysis (A.S.A) Club

To learn about the wide and wonderful world of fantasy sports and its implications in modern society. We will be exploring and analyzing basketball, football, soccer, and hockey among others. Expect to be tested physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Contact: Mr. Fryer

Board Game Café

This club is for those who want to play board games together.

Contact: Mrs. Dukes

Book Club

TBC promotes books throughout the school, organizes DEAR, Book Drives and themed days such as Canadian Reads day. We also create an environment for book lovers to come together and discuss new ideas.

Contact: Mrs. Tweedie

Bridge Club

Bridge is a popular partnership-based card game played all around the world. The club provides a low-stress environment for its members to learn and play. No experience is necessary, and travel to tournaments is optional.

Contact: Mr. Tessarolo

Business Club (The Howard Café)

To give everyone an opportunity to have a hands-on experience of how businesses operate.

Contact: Mr. Lilly

Chess Club

To learn and grow your skills at one of the oldest board games.

Contact: Mr. Tessarolo, Mr. Primrose

Chinese Culture Club

Come to CCC to learn about Chinese culture through games, activities, contemporary media (movies), and food! We promote the understanding and learning of Chinese culture and its traditions.

Contact: Mr. Wong

Debate Club

To bring together a community of keen novice debaters to develop debating skills; to debate.

Contact: Mrs. Parry

Economics Club

In the Economics Club, we will focus on economics events and trends both globally and domestically. We aim to inspire our members to look at business from a legislative and global perspective. Our meetings usually involve heated debate (or discussion if you will) about the appropriate economic policy and the best companies’ response.

Contact: Mr. Lilly, Mrs. Beeston

Entrepreneurship Club

In the Entrepreneurship Club, we will focus on telling the story of individual companies and learning lessons from their success and failure. During the meetings, you will usually get to "relive the history" and have to decide which course of actions to take as an executive of a company. This club aims to create an entrepreneurial culture where we can gain a brand new perspective to the business world.

Contact: Mr. Lilly, Mrs. Beeston

Fashion Club

A club for people to have interesting conversations about fashion; how it connects with sustainability, fashion trends, design/DIY, etc.

Contact: Mrs. Cecill

Freethinkers' Club

Freethinkers' Club provides a forum to encourage inclusive discussion about philosophical political and social issues.

Contact: Mr. Bateman

French Culture Club

French Culture Club is a place to make connections between Francophones in the SMUS community and students interested in French.

Contact: Mme. Keziere

Girl Up

We’re advocating the movement to advance girls’ skills, rights, and opportunities to be leaders.

Contact: Mrs. Jones

Green Team

The Green Team envisions and is striving towards a school community in which sustainability drives our everyday decision-making because every member values our natural environment and is striving for a world without a climate crisis.

Contact: Mr. Farish, Mrs. Beeston

Guitar Club

This club is for everyone wishing to play and practice the guitar.

Contact: Mr. Farish

Hack Club

To learn Python in order to compete in BattleSnake.

Contact: Mr. Steed

History Is Kool Club

We talk about all history topics.

Contact: Mr. French

Inquiry and Innovation Club

A STEM-based club to get students to learn or reinforce new skills such as 3D modeling and electronics through fun competitions with the eventual goal of applying those skills to an impactful personal/group project.

Contact: Ms. Amirault

Investment Club

In the Investment Club, we will focus on various fundamental investment vehicles and strategies. This club aims to help members understand the investment industry, and establish a successful and ethical investor mindset. Most importantly, we hope to explore more people to the relationship between investment and positive social impact.

Contact: Mr. Lilly, Mrs. Beeston

The Jag Student Newspaper

A medium for the exchange of ideas and inspiration through writing within our community.

Contact: Mr. and Mrs. Edgington

Korean Club

We teach Korean culture through new experiences and the language (how to read, write, and speak).

Contact: Mrs. Kuklinski, Mr. Dawson

Launch Club

This year, SMUS Launch Club and the Inquiry and Innovation Club launch a new initiative called the SMUS Innovation Hub. This initiative aims to equip student entrepreneurs with both the business strategies and various engineering skills to create a unique prototype and a competitive start-up with an emphasis on social impact.

Contact: Mr. Lilly, Mrs. Beeston

See the Activities (M-Z) page for Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs beginning with the letters M-Z.