Middle School Activities, Councils and Clubs

Our SMUS Leadership Program is designed to provide opportunities for all students to develop their leadership skills through active engagement in our community. This web page summarizes many of these opportunities. Our hope is that all Middle School students will consider ways in which they can develop their leadership skills and be involved in activities over the year. Additional opportunities will be announced during the school year, and we are always eager to discuss ideas students have to develop their own leadership activity.

To find out more about each of the activities, get in touch with the Middle School Office.

NB: The following is a sampling of activities, clubs and councils that have been available in the last few years.

Middle School Activities, Councils and Clubs

Club/Activity Description and Advisor
Art Club

Grades 6-8
To allow students to pursue art projects beyond what they do in their art classes.

Contact: Ms. Leanne WilkinsMrs. Darlene DeMerchant

Book Lovers Club

Grades 6-8
Chat about favourite authors, share books, read or write together.

Contact: Ms. Sarah Bailey

Geography Club

Grades 7-8
A chance for students to learn about the world around them. This club will prepare students to write the Great Canadian Geography Challenge in March.

Contact: Ms. Jane Rees

Homework Club

Grades 6-8
A chance for students to work on homework under a teacher's supervision.

Contact: Ms. Sarah Bailey, Mrs. Darlene DeMerchant, Ms. Amy Stark, Mrs. Sarah Donatelli, Ms. Joan Gaines

Honour Band

Grades 7-8
This activity offers keen Grade 7 and 8 band students the opportunity to play challenging and exciting Concert Band repertoire.

Contact: Mr. David Enns

Jazz Band

Grades 7-8
Jazz Band is an ensemble which focuses on learning to play various jazz styles.

Contact: Mr. David Enns

Mandarin Club

Grades 6-8
For advanced Mandarin students to do their Mandarin homework, speak Mandarin, watch Chinese movies, listen to Chinese music and celebrate traditional holidays.

Contact: Ms. Kai Zhang

Math Challengers

Grades 6-8
To prepare for mathematics contests and competitions by examining math problems that connect and extend learning in the classroom.

Contact: Mr. Richard DeMerchant, Ms. Joan Gaines


Grades 6-8
This ensemble will offer enthusiastic strings students the opportunity to play more advanced and exciting string orchestra repertoire.

Contact: Mr. Christopher Smith

Robotics Club

Grade 7-8
This year’s Robotics program will be based on Lego Mindstorms EV3 for building and coding. Students will tackle missions from the First Lego League season challenge as well as the annual Skills BC event.

Contact: Mr. George Floyd, Ms. Maureen Hann

Salmon Club

Grade 6-8
Help us to raise 200 salmon eggs and release them into the wild! Come to learn about salmon and the ecosystem.

Contact: Mrs. Sarah Donatelli

Sports Teams

SMUS Middle School traditionally participates in the Lower Island Middle School Sports Association (LIMSSA) which includes Middle Schools from the Victoria, Saanich and Sooke school districts. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, at this time all inter-school sport play has been postponed indefinitely. This would include any participation in independent school leagues, jamborees and tournaments and travel throughout the year.

Currently, the Middle School is offering an Intramural program. Students will be offered a variety of sports and activities throughout the year that will take place on campus. Competition and skill development will be co-ed in nature and cohort/grade based. Sports will include cross country, soccer, basketball, squash, volleyball, badminton, rugby, field hockey and track and field.

For more information about available sports and practice times, please check out the sports board outside Reception, the athletic notice board outside the PE office, or see the calendar online.

Contact: Mrs. Jackie Cunningham

Student Council

To provide leadership opportunities for Middle School students through the planning of activities in one of five councils: Service, Social, Sustainability, Athletics and Arts.

WEB (Where Everybody Belongs)

WEB leaders will plan activities for the Grade 6s and new Grade 7/8s.

Contact: Mrs. Tanya Lee, Mrs. Sarah Donatelli

Weekly Wellness

This is a time to relax and connect with your classmates and share ideas for staying healthy and happy. Ms. Emmet will guide these brief chats during recess in the chapel.

Contact: Ms. Gabrielle Emmet

Middle School Clubs and Activities 2021-22

Middle School Clubs and Activities 2021-22

Middle School Clubs and Activities 2021-22

Published: September, 2021

A list of clubs and activities for the 2021-22 year. 

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