Financial Aid

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Financial aid assists families with meeting the cost of tuition

Financial Aid FAQ

It is recommended that you read the FAQ for answers to the most common questions about the financial aid process.

Financial Aid FAQ

Welcome to Financial Aid at SMUS

St. Michaels University School is pleased to offer a robust Financial Aid program. Approximately one in five students benefits from the school’s financial aid, scholarship and staff bursary program. Financial Aid awards up to a maximum of 50% may be available depending on need, intensity of requests and available funds. We appreciate there can be many questions, please review these webpages before making an application to Financial Aid.

SMUS works with Apple Financial Services, a member of the organization of Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS). By working with them, our school is able to have an external organization evaluate the financial need of individual families, and ensure that the financial information provided is held in complete confidence. FACS will provide us with a recommendation, which the SMUS Financial Aid Committee uses to decide on the level of financial aid to award to a particular student.

If you have any questions about the application itself or require assistance with it, please contact Apple Financial Services. The telephone number is 1-866-437-7795. If you have any questions about the financial aid process at St. Michaels University School, you are welcome to contact Alexis Lang Lunn, Director of Admissions, at 1-250-370-6174.

Application Process

Find out the steps to apply for financial aid and what happens after you submit your application.

Eligibility for Financial Aid

Discover more about eligibility including reasons why financial aid may not be offered.

Support Financial Aid

Financial aid is funded by our community of donors. Discover how you can support talented students for whom a SMUS education may be out of reach.