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Admissions Process FAQs

QAre entrance tests required for everyone?

Entrance tests are required for all students applying for Grades 1-12, though tests vary between grades. Applicants to our ESL/ELL program often write additional tests. More information is available on the Applying to SMUS page.

QCan I talk to current parents or students?

Several of our past and current parents have volunteered to call, email or meet with potential families about their experience with SMUS. We can also connect students with peers and even arrange for them to spend a day at SMUS. Contact the Admissions office to be connected with anyone in our school community.

QHow long does it take to find out if a student has been accepted?

When the application process is complete, the Admissions office is able to make an offer of entry for Grades 6-12. Day offers and wait pool decisions for Grades 6-12 are generally made after January of the year of entry. Boarding offers or wait-pool decisions are generally made within two weeks of the completion of the applications, regardless of the time of year. 

QHow many students are admitted each year?

Generally, the Admissions office admits 225 students a year, with day students entering Kindergarten as well as Grades 6 and 9 and boarding students joining us in Grades 8-11. Occasionally, there are offers made in the remaining grades.

QI received a letter that says my child is in the wait pool. What does this mean?

Our wait pool is a group of candidates that we consider to be ready to join our school, but for whom we do not currently have space. If your child is in our wait pool, we will contact you if a space becomes available.

QIs there an age limit at SMUS?

Yes. SMUS does not register students who are or will be 19 years of age or over in their graduating year.

QWhat are the entry grades for SMUS?

Each year, SMUS admits about 250 new students. Most students enter in one of the three entry grades: Kindergarten, Grade 6 or Grade 9.

Although there is very limited opportunity to enter in Grades 1 – 5 you are encouraged to submit an application and strong applicants will be invited in for an assessment, tour and interview.

For other grades there is usually some availability but you are advised to apply as early as possible. Students rarely gain admission directly to Grade 12.

QWhen are applications due?

Ideally, applications for Grades 6–12 should be submitted before the end of February of the year of entry. For example, if a student is hoping to be enrolled at SMUS for September 2021, their application should be received before March 1, 2021. We recommend Kindergarten applications be submitted 12 months in advance and Grade 1–5 applications be submitted prior to January 1 of the year of entry. We welcome applications throughout the year. If you should find yourself past these recommended deadlines, please do reach out to us.

Financial FAQs

QAre the application and registration fees refundable?

Neither the application fee nor the registration fee is refundable.

QIs there a financial assistance program? How do I apply?

Yes. Applications for financial assistance are made using Apple Financial Services. See the Financial Assistance webpage for more information and for application deadlines.

QWhat do boarding fees cover?

Boarding fees cover the costs of living in residence, food, housecleaning, laundry services, house outings, transportation to school events, access to 24 hour nursing as well as travel to all-boarders outings. Fees also cover access to the on-campus fitness centre and gymnasium.

We advise you also budget for $500 per month for additional expenses, such as uniform, optional trips and technology.

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