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Welcome to the CFL Prediction Page
18 Years and Counting!

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This is the spot where you can compete against other players and predict all the games of the CFL season - then see how you stack up!
Sign up (at left - it's free) - and then start your predictions.

Predictions are cut-off at kickoff
You can always come back and change your picks up until game start
Put your predictions in early so you don't miss any


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1. What's the grand prize? Lotsa money or something?
Nope! Just bragging rights. This board is done by a CFL fan and it adds interest to every game in the season. Of course if anyone wants to sponser the site and provide prizes - email me!!

2. I've registered. How do I know I'm in?
You can see if you are in the players list right away. Just check the drop down login box. If you are not there then you should try again.

3. When should I start entering my predictions?
As soon as you register!! You could even enter in the entire year's worth of predictions right up front to be safe if you happen to procrastinate too long one week. In fact, I strongly encourage you to enter in your predictions early. You can always enter a new prediction which overwrites the old one, but once past the deadline, there's nothing you can do.

4. What's the MIA Report?
MIA stands for "Missing In Action". Basically, it's a procrastinator's list. It shows no picks for 3 days before the next cutoff. If you have set the option the site will also fire off a reminder email to you.

5. What if I entered a prediction but changed my mind?
As stated earlier, you can just keep entering/changing predictions up until cutoff, and they just overwrite the previous prediction.

6. Oops, I missed the deadline! Please please can I enter it?
No. Well.... try begging and grovelling. Have a good excuse and catch me in a good mood - and I'll see what I can do.

7. I'm really ticked off about something! What do I do?
Send me an email explaining what's got your goat. I'll do what I can to fix things, but remember that this is just a volunteer pool for fun. There's no money involved, so please try not to take things too seriously.

8. I'm changing email addresses. What do I do?
Log in on the home page. Go into the Play/Option section. Your data will appear in the fields. Change what you want to and click OK.

9. What happens in the event of two players tied for first place at the end?
That's the way it stands then, folks. There's no tie-breakers. Although, B.C. Lion fans are automatically ranked higher! (that's a joke, gang)

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